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Senator Connie Leyva

20th State Senate District, California
Reelected to represent the 20th State Senate District in 2018, Senator Connie M. Leyva is serving her second term in the California State Senate. The district includes the cities and communities of Bloomington, Chino, Colton, Fontana, Grand Terrace, Montclair, Muscoy, Ontario, Pomona, Rialto and San Bernardino.
As our State Senator, Senator Leyva is committed to improving California’s schools, environment and communities, as well as creating quality jobs throughout the 20th State Senate District and California.  She firmly believes that California families benefit most when we invest in and help strengthen small businesses and other job drivers that create good paying jobs in our local communities.
During her first term in office, Senator Leyva authored important legislation signed into law:
Public Safety
  • Eliminate the statute of limitations on rape (SB 813)
  • Criminalize sextortion and protect minors and young women (SB 500)
  • Protect human trafficking victims (SB 597)
  • Help crime victims receive compensation (SB 651)
  • Increase efforts to prevent and respond to inmate suicide (SB 960)
  • Permanently extend overtime for domestic workers (SB 1015)
  • Ban secret settlements in sexual harassment, assault and discrimination cases (SB 820)
  • Improve career technical education at California community colleges (SB 66)
  • Extend career technical education course options for high school students (SB 1123)
  • Expand educational services for homeless students (SB 1068)
  • Ensure stronger student voices on school boards (SB 532)
  • Enable student board members to make informed decisions (SB 468)
Health and Human Services
  • Allow blood transport vehicles to use high occupancy vehicle lanes (SB 406)
  • Ensure continued health care coverage for Californians (SB 1245)
  • Permit adults with developmental disabilities to live in a family setting (SB 1107)
  • Require review of environmental justice impacts on local communities (SB 1000)
  • Maximize climate investments in low-income communities (SB 1072)
  • Protect communities from lead pipe dangers (SB 1398)
  • Remove lead water service lines in local communities (SB 427)
  • Improve awareness of childhood lead exposure risks (SB 1041)
  • Recover and reuse food waste as clean energy and fuels (SB 970)
  • Strengthen available tools to protect local economic development investments (SB 1145)
  • Help mobile home park residents stay in their homes (SB 136)
  • Increase access to affordable housing programs for mobile home residents (SB 329)
  • Protect mobile home sellers upon sale of their home (SB 542)
  • Enable state to inspect mobile home parks for health and safety violations (SB 46)
  • Help keep senior and disabled residents in their homes (SB 1130)
Consumer Protection
  • Protect financial security of seniors and their families (SB 426)
  • Ensure free access to medical records for low income residents applying to aid programs (SB 575)
Senator Leyva serves as Chair of the Senate Education Committee, California Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Senate Democratic Caucus, as well as on the Budget and Fiscal Review, Business, Professions and Economic Development, Elections and Constitutional Amendments and Health committees and the Budget Subcommittee #1 on Education.  She also currently serves on the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and the Senate Select Committees on California-Mexico Cooperation, Manufactured Home Communities, Ports & Goods Movement and Women and Inequality: Strategies to Promote Opportunity.
A lifelong activist standing up for working people and families, Senator Leyva started working at her local Alpha Beta market as a senior in high school.  She served as both Union Representative and President of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1428, helping grocery workers gain a stronger voice for fair wages and benefits.  Following in that tradition of community service and action to improve the lives of others, she was elected in 2004 as the first woman President of the California Labor Federation, representing more than 2.1 million workers throughout the state.
Raised in Chino, Senator Leyva has lived in the Inland Empire since she was a small child.  She attended local schools and graduated from the University of Redlands with a bachelor’s degree in communicative disorders.
Senator Leyva and her husband Al, live in Chino and are the proud parents of adult twin daughters, Allie and Jessie.

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