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Differentiation in the Core Content Areas: ELA [clear filter]
Saturday, February 22

7:45am PST

Asking Hard Questions: Critical Thinking Design with Paul's Reasoning Model

Paul's Reasoning web, designed at the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary, has been serving gifted educators for years. This redesign simplifies the experience for teachers so they can create critical thinking questions ahead of time as well as "in the moment" of the lesson. Participants will engage with the tool to create high-level questions to differentiate their curriculum and encourage critical thinking in any classroom.


Dr. Ted Murcray

Professor, California Baptist University - Riverside, CA
Ted Murcray, a professor, K-12 teacher, speaker, school administrator, and parent of a twice-exceptional child, has spoken at dozens of national and regional conferences. He is currently the Associate Dean at the Metcalf School of Education at California Baptist University in Riverside... Read More →

Saturday February 22, 2020 7:45am - 8:45am PST
Mesquite C

7:45am PST

The Cartoon Curriculum: Using Humor for Student Engagement and to Develop Critical Thinking

This session presents strategies for teaching literary concepts required by the CCST and crucial to students’ facility literary study. Using cartoons from wide sources as The New Yorker, Calvin and Hobbs, The Far Side, and other sources, this session will demonstrate cartoon reading and interpretation promotes critical thinking by making conscious students’ prior knowledge, and by providing a concrete connection to abstract literary terms as well as to the Depth and Complexity icons.


Sandy Robertson

Differentiation Specialist, Santa Barbara Unified School District
Sandy Robertson taught grades 7-12 English and Social Studies and is currently a Differentiation Specialist and a Literacy Coach. She has published articles in professional journals and chapters in books and was an original member and eventually Chair of the Early Adolescence English... Read More →

Saturday February 22, 2020 7:45am - 8:45am PST

10:30am PST

Keys to Learning: Adding Layers of Rigor

This session will demonstrate the use of additional thinking tools to foster a deeper understanding of content and extend the core curriculum. You will be actively involved in applying the keys across subjects. See how to combine Depth & Complexity with Keys to increase rigor through prompts and questions. Templates will be given to assist in the direct application of these strategies- perfect for your GATE students!

avatar for Marcie Griffith

Marcie Griffith

Principal, Garden Grove Unified School District
Marcie Griffith, M.A., started her career as an elementary GATE teacher in the Garden Grove Unified School District and is currently a Principal who oversees an onsite GATE program. Prior to her principalship, she served as K-12 GATE Supervisor in her district. Marcie has conducted... Read More →

Saturday February 22, 2020 10:30am - 11:30am PST

1:00pm PST

Diving Deeper with Student-Selected Text

Student choice is an important way to increase engagement with reading. This presentation will offer numerous ways to engage students with their chosen texts using the new Icons of Depth and Complexity to write responses to their reading.

avatar for Laura Sosa

Laura Sosa

Teaching Assistant Principal, Alta Loma School District
Laura Sosa is a seasoned GATE Coordinator new to her administrative position. She is rebuilding GATE programs throughout her district making the enrichment piece meaningful and continuous for GATE designated students.

Saturday February 22, 2020 1:00pm - 2:00pm PST

1:00pm PST

New to Gifted Education... We have tools!

This is a novice session for elementary teachers. We’ll share various tools that you can add to your GATE toolbox… This session will touch on the following topics: Scholarly Habits, Universal Concepts, Prompts of Depth and Complexity, and Think Like a Disciplinarian. We will share examples of how you can easily incorporate these tools into your grade level curriculum.

avatar for Leslie Moritz

Leslie Moritz

Teacher, Saddleback Valley Unified School District
Leslie Moritz has been an elementary school teacher for over thirty years. Currently she teaches a third grade GATE class in Laguna Hills. Leslie completed the GATE Certificate program through the University of Southern California. She is a member of Saddleback Valley Unified's GATE... Read More →
avatar for Cheryl Rys

Cheryl Rys

Teacher, Saddleback Valley Unified School District
Cheryl Rys has taught elementary school for thirty years. She currently teaches Kindergarten in Laguna Hills. She completed the GATE Certificate program through the University of Southern California. As a Teacher Leader in her district, Cheryl taught lessons to demonstrate the current... Read More →

Saturday February 22, 2020 1:00pm - 2:00pm PST
Mesquite C

3:30pm PST

Dig Deeper-Literature and Thinking Like a Disciplinarian

Participants will examine how to Think Like a Disciplinarian while reading culturally and socially relevant literary works. There will be an emphasis on how to differentiate, how to think critically concerning what is read, and how to encourage students to act on what they read. The focus will be on standards from grades 3-6.


Dr. Sharon Bennett

Educator, Alvord Unified School District
Dr. Sharon Bennett has been an educator in Southern California for 29 years. Her interests lie in researching and creating a system that provides for equitable outcomes for all students.

Saturday February 22, 2020 3:30pm - 4:30pm PST
Sunday, February 23

11:00am PST

Reluctant Writers, Nevermore!

Creative writing sounds great...but what should I write about? We will use imagination to FEEL the story that wants to express itself. Using pictures, students will, "use evidence to create a story that makes sense."


Sibyl Sperber

Teacher/GATE Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District
Sibyl has been a 5th-grade teacher for 21 years. She has been a NBCT for 9 years. Sibyl has taught students of all learning styles and abilities. She has been the GATE Coordinator at her school for 9 years and loves providing her students opportunities to soar.

Sunday February 23, 2020 11:00am - 11:45am PST

12:00pm PST

Advancing and Enriching Vocabulary, with Depth, Complexity, and Creativity: Joyful Success with Words

Speaker will offer strategies to increase academic vocabulary and communication skills across the curriculum. She will stress the importance of using classical roots, affixes, Latin cognates, and idioms to extend word knowledge and language proficiency. She will share strategies for using figurative language and multiple-meaning words and will offer creative activities and engaging word games, helping gifted learners capture a love of words and language, while unleashing their academic and creative potential. Handouts provided.

avatar for Donna Knoell

Donna Knoell

Educational Consultant, Educational Consultant and Author
Dr. Donna L. Knoell is an esteemed, highly sought after speaker and educational and technology consultant who works with schools, districts, and teachers, to help them improve their instructional programs, with special emphasis on advancing achievement and engagement for Gifted and... Read More →

Sunday February 23, 2020 12:00pm - 12:45pm PST

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