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Saturday, February 22

7:00am PST

7:45am PST

Identification: Identifying the 2e Student, What You Need to Know Mesquite DEDr. Karen Cross • Rose Blucher Simple Strategies for Creating 2e-Friendly Classrooms Mesquite GHEdith Burke Skills and Traits of Successful 2e Educators. ChinoChris Wiebe Good Ideas are a Dime a Dozen, BUT.... Strategies for Designing and Implementing a Gifted Program at your School Smoketree ESharon Duncan Meeting the Needs of Gifted Students Who Have Experienced Trauma Smoketree ABJaclyn Loncteaux Developing Student Ownership: Support Students to Move Beyond Doing and Understanding School to Owning Their Learning San JacintoJane Kennedy • Robert Crowe Help Your Students Go Deep, Go Wide, for Rich Understanding of Math Concepts Essential for Higher Math PuebloJan Hayes The Gratitude Project- An Innovative Approach to Student-Led Research and Exploration of Universal Concepts AndreasValerie Del Carlo Asking Hard Questions: Critical Thinking Design with Paul's Reasoning Model Mesquite CTed Murcray The Cartoon Curriculum: Using Humor for Student Engagement and to Develop Critical Thinking PasadenaSandy Robertson Productively Struggling to Gain Conceptual Understanding in Math VenturaAndrea Mooney • Gloria Gutierrez Brave New Worlds: The Gifted, Gaming and Social Media CatalinaMorgan Appel When Lazy Doesn’t Make Sense: How Executive Functions Impact our Gifted Learners Mesquite FCynthia Z Hansen Learning to Learn Mojave Learning CenterDr. Sandra Kaplan Developing Critical Thinking and Creativity as a "Maker" Smoketree CDr. Gary Saunders II Exhibit Hall CAGCon Foyer

9:00am PST

10:30am PST

Technology and Productivity: Supporting the 2e Learner Mesquite GHDr. Jann Leppien When the IEP is Not Enough: Strength-based, Talent-focused Planning for 2e Students CatalinaDr. Susan Baum Writing and the 2e Learner - Sponsored by Bridges Academy Mesquite DEMary McInerney An Observation Look-For Form for Gifted Classrooms Smoketree EGina Danley Cultivating Social Emotional Learning in Gifted Students through the Lens of Global Education Smoketree ABAileen Allison-Zarea • Dr. Emily Schell • Diane Crum Beyond the Page: Picture Books as the Means Building Opportunities for Young Learners Mesquite FJessica Manzone Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning Cultivates a Culture of Critical Thinking PuebloKelly Emanuel Power Planning: Build Lessons that Support Student Ownership of Learning AndreasJane Kennedy • Robert Crowe STEM: Challenge Children to Reach Their Full Potential and Enjoy Every Minute of It San JacintoDr. Tamar Andrews • Avital Etehad Engage Students in 21st Century Learning with Renzulli Learning ChinoJeanne N. Pascon Keys to Learning: Adding Layers of Rigor PasadenaMarcie Griffith Differentiation for the Middle School Student can be Educational and Fun!!! Mesquite CJo Ann Gillespie Using Math Prompts in Every Grade Level VenturaDolph Petris Multiple Pathways to Equitable Gifted/Talented Identification SierraWynne Wong-Cheng • Erin Yoshida-Ehrmann GATE 101 MaderaPatricia Chiles • Krista Landgraf Update from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Smoketree DJohn Segota Puzzle Pieces: An Approach to Differentiation Mojave Learning CenterDr. Sandra Kaplan Spiraling Through DOK With the Prompts of Depth/Complexity & Technology Smoketree CYvette Mezzanatto • Dr. Nyree Clark • Carrie Northcott

11:30am PST

12:00pm PST

1:00pm PST

Learning to Deal with the Unpredictable: Using Tools of Improv with 2E Students Mesquite GHDr. Richard Cash When Math is a Problem: Creative and Humorous Ways to Teach Math without Worksheets Mesquite DEDr. Rachel McAnallen Unwrapping the Gift: Rethinking Leadership in a Gifted School Smoketree EJennifer Nusbaum • Lynn Weed Relationships And Retakes: Helping Students Develop A Growth Mindset Smoketree ABDr. John Hayden Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn: Strategies to Empower Students San JacintoDr. Jann Leppien Questioning In The Classroom To Support Interdisciplinary Instruction AndreasJuli Petrilli What Every Science Teacher Needs to Know about How Science Works CatalinaDr. William McComas Curriculum Blind-spots: Creative Ways to Navigate the Curriculum for Gifted Learners Mesquite FJessica Manzone Fireside Chat with Scott Barry Kaufman VenturaDr. Scott Barry Kaufman Introduction to the Original Prompts of Depth and Complexity MaderaKrisa Muller Diving Deeper with Student-Selected Text PasadenaLaura Sosa New to Gifted Education... We have tools! Mesquite CLeslie Moritz • Cheryl Rys Addressing the Needs of Gifted English Learners SierraMartha Gomez • Esther Askew Identifying ALL Gifted Learners Through Inclusive Identification Practices. PuebloRobert Dyson • Ellen Murphy Strategies to Generate LCAP Support for Gifted Services in Your School District Smoketree DBarrett Snider • Caitlin Jung The Early Years and Gifted Education Mojave Learning CenterDr. Sandra Kaplan Using Video Production to Drive Differentiation in a GATE Cluster Classroom Smoketree CPaul Longshore

2:15pm PST

Feelings Matter! Social and Emotional Development in Twice Exceptional Youth Mesquite GHDr. Richard Olenchak Leading Girls to Leadership Smoketree ABCathy Nichols-Washer Maslow 2.0: The Hierarchy of Needs, Redefined CatalinaDr. Scott Barry Kaufman Depth and Complexity: A practical approach to Teaching the Prompts AndreasRobyn Arnold Teaching Students to Self-differentiate As a Way of Implementing a Challenging Curriculum for Every Student San JacintoGian Molero Exploring the New Prompts of Depth and Complexity MaderaKrisa Muller How do Teens Process Information? What can we do when they fall behind? ChinoMichele Goldstein Multiage Learning Environments: Supporting Social, Emotional, and Academic Needs Through Design Thinking Pedagogy. Mesquite CMichael Buist • Rebecca Coplan Project Period Table: A Successful use of Type III Enrichment for Gifted VenturaDr. Andrew Almazan • Dafne Almazan Identification of Giftedness: Opportunities for Equity Mesquite FKaren Anderson Supporting Diversity in Gifted Education Panel Smoketree DAlicia Weyeneth • Dr. Pamela Lovett • Dr. Frank Worrell • Martha Gomez Unlocking the "GATE" for Latino Students SierraCatherine Estrada Welcome to the Real World: Recognizing the Challenges Facing Gifted/2e Teens and Young Adults Mesquite DEDr. Lisa Hancock • Sharon Duncan Pear Deck and Google Slides: The Perfect Pear PuebloSusan Casey The 3 C’s of Success: Coding, Collaboration, and Content Smoketree CAllison Davis Interdisciplinary Instruction: Differentiation, Demonstration and Discussion Mojave Learning CenterDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Eugenia Mora-Flores • Dr. William McComas • Dr. Julia Nyberg • Dr. Kim McComas

3:30pm PST

4:45pm PST


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