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Friday, February 22


Saturday, February 23




The Power of Strength-Based, Talent-Focused Learning Mesquite D RoomDr. Susan Baum Are You Really Happy with the Academic Progress of Your Gifted Students? Smoketree E RoomGary D. Soto Diversify Your GTA program Smoketree F RoomTracy Wilson Don't Forget Your Brain Mesquite C RoomVictoria Tomao Please Understand: Looking at 2e Through The Student’s Eyes Smoketree A RoomSharon Duncan Twice Exceptionality and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Mesquite F RoomDr. Cynthia Geary College Night: Or, How to Change an 8th Grader's World Andreas RoomJennifer Hoy Integrating STEAM through Children’s Literature : Discover How to Plan and Integrate STEAM Lessons and Units into Your Reading Time by Starting with Any Storybook and Address the Gifted and Talented Learner. San Jacinto RoomRuth Gamboa-Brooks • David Garringer Introduction to Differentiation: Setting the Stage & Providing the Tools Santa Rosa RoomKathy Alexander Real-World GATE Strategies Mesquite G RoomRobyn Arnold Differentiating Instruction in High School and Middle School Sierra RoomSteven Kahl Meaningful Science Projects for Gifted Elementary Students Ventura RoomKimberly Cantrell Diversity in GATE Smoketree C RoomCrystal Kerns • Renee Longshore Why Spatial? Spatial Reasoning Skills, Achievement, and Learning Potential Smoketree B RoomAshley Flynn State of the Nation in Gifted Education Mesquite H RoomWilliam Knudsen Learning Politics: A Game Approach Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Going Global: Inquiry/PBL Beyond the Classroom Smoketree D RoomVanessa Heller Beyond Discussion: Relevant, Engaging Social-Emotional Lessons Pueblo RoomMark Hess Blended Learning for Differentiation Chino RoomMarisa Cleghorn



Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Twice Exceptional Students Mesquite E RoomDr. Thomas P. Hébert Writing and the 2e Learner: Why It Is Hard and How to Help? Mesquite D RoomMary McInerney Dear Colleague: Responding to an Inquiry from OCR Smoketree F RoomKari Hanson-Smith Scholars: 20 years of Successful Full-time Programming Smoketree E RoomLenae Lazzelle Burning Questions: How Sculpting Provocative Prompts Breaks Old Patterns, Builds New Paradigms, and Blows Their Minds Smoketree A RoomDr. Anabel Jensen • Cherilyn Leet Growth Mindset for Gifted: Building Scholarly Dispositions through the “Practices” Mesquite C RoomKaren Anderson Philosophy of Sex for Gifted High School Students Mesquite F RoomSharon Kaye • Sharon Lamb Creating Enthusiasm in the Elementary Math Classroom San Jacinto RoomNathan Orr Depth and Complexity Is Everywhere! Andreas RoomDolph Petris Using Ill-Structured Problems to Challenge Gifted Students Santa Rosa RoomRichard Cash Teaching Social Justice and Activism through Literature Pasadena RoomStephanie Fiore • Daniel Gibbs Developing Students into Creative Directors of Film Ventura RoomOmar Espinoza The Terrific "T" in GATE: Arts Integration and Differentiation in the Classroom Sierra RoomDelayna E. Goins, MBA Acceleration in Math: How Do We Do That? Catalina RoomDr. Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik Quality Curriculum and Instruction for Advanced Learners: A Look at Essential Elements Mesquite G RoomDr. Jann Leppien Advanced Primary Learners ~ Identifying and Supporting the Needs of Primary Learners Smoketree C RoomKaren Knudson • Courtney Lu GATE 101 Presented by CAG Madera RoomKrisa Muller • Krista Landgraf Understanding Neuropsychological Assessments Smoketree B RoomLisa L. Hancock, Ph.D., MBA How LCAP & LCFF Work Mesquite H RoomLee Angela Reid • Barrett Snider Situational Learning: Problem Solving in Social-Emotional Contexts Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Personalizing Learning to Close the Achievement Gap Smoketree D RoomLori Leibowitz • Jessica Stargardter Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Learning of Gifted Students Pueblo RoomNathan Levy Supporting Strong Writers: Writerly Play in the Classroom Chino RoomNaomi Kinsman




Talent Development: The Badges Program Mesquite E RoomLaura Bahr • Caroline Maxwell When Math Is a Problem: Creative and Humorous Ways to Teach Math without Worksheets Mesquite D RoomDr. Rachel McAnallen #joyfullearning - The Power and Passion of Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) Smoketree F RoomKirsten Walker Integrating Culturally Relevant Practices to Support Underrepresented Populations Mesquite G RoomPam Lovett Moving the Needle on Student Achievement: Invest in School Leaders! Smoketree E RoomSteven Keller • Gary D. Soto Classroom Culture & Classroom Management with Gifted Students Smoketree A RoomDamon Allswang Nurturing Self-Compassion in Gifted Students Mesquite C RoomHeather Boorman Using Restorative Practices to Create an Inclusive Classroom for Gifted and 2e Students Mesquite F RoomKaren Arnstein Let Them Talk! Academic Discourse in the HSS Classroom Andreas RoomJulie Hull Project Based Learning: "Plant the Seed, See Them Grow" San Jacinto RoomJennifer Ferrara The New Prompts of Depth and Complexity Santa Rosa RoomDr. Julia Nyberg The Power of Choice: Using Menus to Differentiate across Disciplines Ventura RoomTessa McKeown Strategies to Differentiate Mathematics with Depth and Complexity. Pasadena RoomMichael Hazelton Integrating New Prompts of D/C to Increase Academic Rigor Sierra RoomDeborah Hazelton • Juli Petrilli Are Gifted Identification Practices and Services Connected? Catalina RoomDr. E. Jean Gubbins • Karen Ottone-Cross Approaches toward Enfranchising Diversity in Gifted Programs Smoketree C RoomDina Brulles Grass Roots Policy Advocacy 101 Mesquite H RoomWilliam Knudsen Differentiated Curriculum as a Tool for Non-Traditional Identification Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Journey Through Virtual Enrichment and TLAD Smoketree D RoomJessie Green Ideas Matter! Fostering Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy in Gifted Learners Chino RoomChristine Provencher Sparking Intellectual Curiosity, Passion and Success in Mathematically Gifted Students Pueblo RoomEd Zaccaro


Strategy Development and Self-Regulation: A Must for Twice-Exceptional Learners! Mesquite E RoomRose Blucher Using Alternate Assessment to Document Learning Mesquite D RoomDr. Kristin B. Berman Identifying and Supporting Gifted Students in a School Without a Gifted Program Smoketree F RoomJenny Rinn Working Effectively with Gifted ELL Students and Families Smoketree E RoomGina Danley Learning to Think Smoketree A RoomDr. Jann Leppien Talented Young Men Overcoming Tough Times: An Exploration of Resilience Mesquite F RoomDr. Thomas P. Hébert Thinking Like a Disciplinarian - Content Area Writing Mesquite C RoomSharon Bennett Art: A Spicy Treat for Any Curriculum Santa Rosa RoomMichael Tahi Curious about Independent Study? Mesquite G RoomDr. Kim Dodds Effective Science, Robotics, Engineering and Technology Explorations that Ignite STEAM Learning Madera RoomDr. Donna Knoell Implementing a Flipped Classroom Approach in Mathematics Andreas RoomAlyssa Wray Women in Science: Poetry and Prose in Children’s Literature San Jacinto RoomKarren Timmermans Tales as Old as Time Ventura RoomLaura Boling • Debbie Newton The Cartoon Curriculum: Using Humor for Engagement and to Develop Critical Thinking Pasadena RoomSandy Robertson Socratic Seminar - Focus on the History Social Science Framework Questions Sierra RoomAmy Bagnall Using Creative Dramatics to Increase Self-Awareness, Confidence and Social Engagement Catalina RoomRichard Cash Enrichment Planning: Bolstering Student Engagement in your GATE Program Smoketree C RoomLaura Sosa The Intersection - How to Understand Diversifying Gifted Identification Smoketree B RoomRebecca Peeples California Political Update Forecasting Mesquite H RoomLee Angela Reid • Barrett Snider Intra-and-Interdisciplinary Differentiation of Curriculum Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Game On! Increase Number Sense and Problem Solving with Coding in the Primary Grades Smoketree D RoomAllison Davis Reading Is Thinking! Engaging the Minds of Advanced Readers Pueblo RoomJan Hayes Speaking & Listening Success in the 'Discussion Zone!' Chino RoomHeidi Harmes


Technology and Productivity: Supporting the 2e Learner Mesquite E RoomDr. Jann Leppien Understanding and Supporting 2e Learners Mesquite D RoomLois Baldwin • Daphne Pereles Replication Study on GATE Certification Practices in a Southern California District Smoketree E RoomJessica Cannaday Access Gap: Perceptions of Stakeholders Regarding Inclusion of Traditionally Marginalized Students in Gifted and Talented Education Programs in the Local Control Accountability Plan Mesquite F RoomCynthia Steuben Gifted Kids versus Classroom Social Norms Mesquite C RoomDr. Joanna Haase • Lisa L. Hancock, Ph.D., MBA How Technology Can Change Your (Classroom) Life Smoketree A RoomRenee Chipman • Eric Sorenson, M.Ed Parenting with a Growth Mindset Mesquite G RoomPatricia Chiles Helping Gifted Students Advance Algebraic Thinking and Real Life Problem Solving Proficiency Madera RoomDr. Donna Knoell Introducing and Implementing the Prompts of Depth and Complexity and the Content Imperatives San Jacinto RoomTeresa Koontz Revving-Up the Revolutionary War Andreas RoomLisa Barba • Suzanna Zifkin Using Games to Develop Powerful, Creative Thinkers Santa Rosa RoomJennifer Almer-Johnson Have Technology? Maximize Learning by Layering Assignments to Differentiate in a GATE Clustered Classroom Pasadena RoomPaul Longshore Questioning Strategies Sierra RoomDeborah Hazelton • Juli Petrilli Redefining "Fun": Accelerating the Basics by Adding Depth and Complexity to Foundational Skills Ventura RoomGian Molero Featured Speakers Panel. Designing GATE Programs in the Age of LCFF Catalina RoomKari Hanson-Smith • Alicia Weyeneth • Alison DeMark • Martha Gomez • Pam Lovett Developing Thinkers Smoketree C RoomHeather Brown • Dr. Kim Dodds Multiple Intelligences + Differentiation + Brain-Based Learning = A Winning Combination for Gifted Students Smoketree B RoomDr. Sue Teele Creating an Academic Identity Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Integration vs. Interdisciplinary: Which One Are You Doing and Are You Doing It Right? Smoketree D RoomJeffery Flagg Inquiry-Based Learning Ensures Critical Thinking and Academic Rigor Chino RoomKelly Emanuel Problem-Based Learning: Empowering Students through Real-World Problem Solving Pueblo RoomJan Hayes


Sunday, February 24







The Journey: Supporting Your 2e Child through School and Beyond Mesquite D RoomMark Bade • Eileen Brennan • Linda Neumann • Ellen Rosen • Kim Vargas Acceleration: A Practical Toolkit for Successful Implementation Smoketree E RoomTonya Beilstein • Cam Werley-Gonzales Promoting Latino Parent Engagement in Gifted Education Mesquite F RoomYelba Carrillo Talking about Gate with Your Child and Supporting Those “Flipside” Behaviors Mesquite C RoomKaren Knudson ¿Qué Significa Ser Identificado Como Superdotado? ¿Cómo Puedo Ayudar a Mis Niños en Lograr Sus Metas? Smoketree A RoomKaren Anderson Dissecting the Language of Mathematics Using the Icons of Depth and Complexity San Jacinto RoomCrystal Kerns STEM-ulating Activities on Human Ecology Santa Rosa RoomLauren Bergh New to Gifted Education... We Have Tools! Ventura RoomLeslie Moritz • Cheryl Rys Best Practices for Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning: Moving from Obstacles toward Solutions Sierra RoomKaren Brown • Dina Brulles Schoolwide Enrichment Model Madera RoomDr. Sally Reis • Dr. Joseph Renzulli The Art of Knowing Yourself Catalina RoomDr. Anabel Jensen Good Ideas are a Dime a Dozen, BUT…: Successful Strategies for Designing and Implementing a Gifted Program Smoketree F RoomSharon Duncan Depth and Complexity - Learning the Thinking Prompts / Profundidad y complejidad - Aprender las indicaciones de pensamiento Smoketree C RoomDr. Desiree Olivas • Nereida Prado Grass Roots Advocacy for Parents Mesquite H RoomWilliam Knudsen Serving the Whole Child: Academic, Social Emotional and Behavioral Considerations Smoketree B RoomPatricia Chiles A New Approach to Independent Study Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Deepening Knowledge through Visual Arts and Technology Smoketree D RoomAlicia Weyeneth A Logical Understanding of Over and Missed Diagnosis in Gifted Children Chino RoomDr. Paul Beljan Ten Myths That Hold Bright Math Students Back Pasadena RoomJerry Burkhart


Are 2e Students Getting What They Need? Mesquite E RoomTed Murcray • Karen Ottone-Cross Parent Forum Q&A Mesquite D RoomDr. Robin Schader • Mark Bade • Eileen Brennan • Linda Neumann • Ellen Rosen • Kim Vargas Pearls of Wisdom: Challenging and Celebrating Intensities and Intelligences Smoketree E RoomMichael Buist • Jennifer Nusbaum Storytelling on Steroids Smoketree A RoomCherilyn Leet The Power of Parent Partnerships and Participation: How Gifted Support Group Meetings Foster Support, Advocacy, and Community Mesquite F RoomHillary Jade Using Interest Surveys to Differentiate Your Classroom Mesquite C RoomKrisa Muller Developing 21st Century Skills through the Arts Andreas RoomCatherine Estrada High Motivational Project-Based Learning: Mars, Robots and STEAM++ San Jacinto RoomBob Barboza Students Soar When Reading, Writing, and Content Standards Collide! Santa Rosa RoomLinda Fisher Building Confidence through Writing Strategies Pasadena RoomVeronica Goode • Janet Skidmore Teaching Reasoning in Science Ventura RoomGina Rae Stolpestad Tinkering with Tomorrow's Thinkers Today Sierra RoomJoy Giovanini Advocating for the Needs of Gifted & Talented Learners Smoketree B RoomKari Hanson-Smith Connecting the Depth & Complexity Thinking Prompts to the Classroom and at Home / Conectar los avisos de pensamiento de profundidad y complejidad al aula y al hogar Smoketree C RoomDr. Desiree Olivas • Nereida Prado The Gifted Students’ Voice in Differentiating Curriculum Mojave RoomDr. Sandra Kaplan • Dr. Jessica Manzone Creating Visible Thinkers through Literacy and STEAM Smoketree D RoomCindy Hallman • Joan Hoskins The Ivy League Project Pueblo RoomRafael Inriquez • Martin Mares Zoom Out to Zoom In: Close Reading and Constructing Metaphors for Gifted Learners Chino RoomMark Hess

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